Free Training in Programming for Beginners

For all of you who love to programming, good news! An amazing opportunity is provided by the University of Toronto’s Free Programming Course for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of programming with an emphasis on the Python language with this Coursera online programming course. Applicants will study the fundamentals of programming in this free online course. Thus, giving everyone who enjoys programming the ability to use Python to create entertaining and useful software solutions. Regardless of existing knowledge or training, everyone interested in learning more about programming has a great opportunity thanks to the University of Toronto’s online course.

Course Modules for Online Programming:

Module 1: Functions, Variables, and Python

The first module covers the course outline, introduces the programming editor used for the coding tasks, and delves into the basics of Python, covering variables, mathematical expressions, and functions.

Module 2: Creating Functions using Strings

This module presents the idea of strings as a Python data type for text representation to the participants. The subject also walks students through the process of writing functions, which is a crucial part of programming.

Module 3: If Statements, Namespaces, Booleans, and Imports

Participants will learn about Booleans in this lesson, which stand for logical values like True and False. It offers insights into Python modules and covers subjects like data type conversion and conditional code execution using Boolean expressions inside of if statements.

Module 4: Dedicated to Loops and Elegant String Modification

In addition to teaching methods for manipulating strings, this module introduces the idea of code repetition using for loops. Additionally, it offers debugging advice, enabling students to precisely see how programmes are executed.

Module 5: Lists, Mutability, and While Loops

This section highlights the value of appropriate code documentation in order to improve other programmers’ understanding of the code. Learners also investigate the idea of mutation and Python’s list data type.

Module 6: For Loops over Indices.

This module deepens learners’ comprehension of manipulating lists by managing nested lists and iterating through lists with for loops. Additionally, file reading and writing operations are covered, which is a crucial ability for interfacing with outside data sources.

Module 7: Dictionaries and Tuples

Tuples and Python’s dictionary type will be introduced to students in the last module.

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Qualifications for the Beginner’s Programming Course:

  • Enrollment is open to individuals from all over the world.
  • This free Coursera course on programming does not require any prior knowledge or prerequisites.
  • When enrolling in this course, students need to budget about 25 hours to finish it. This also calls for a weekly commitment of eight hours.
  • To be eligible for the certificate, applicants must successfully complete and pass all of the tests and assignments.

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Advantages of the Free Course on Fundamentals of Programming:

  • It is a self-paced online course offered by Coursera. As a result, candidates can design their own flexible timetable.
  • Since the programming course is beginner-level, no prior experience, knowledge, or credentials are needed.
  • Every applicant will get the opportunity to learn about Python, a language that is in high demand these days, and computer programming.
  • Since this is a beginning programming course, familiarity with the fundamentals of programming is not required of the students. The course itself will cover them.
  • Additionally, people can obtain a certificate and add it to their qualifications by requesting for financial aid.

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How to Apply for the free online course

Click on the link below to start your journey in programming with Python.


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