Online Essay Writing Course by UC Berkeley

Students who want to improve their ability to write English essays should enrol in the University of California’s Essay Writing Course. For strengthening essay writing, self-editing skills, and grammatical precision, take advantage of this free online course. It offers a free chance to get access to the resources required for enhancing writing skills. Five weeks of the self-paced course are required, with a weekly commitment of 5–6 hours.

Essentials of an essay writing course

  • Understanding the terminologies and basic grammar ideas.
  • Constructing paragraphs and words to have the most impact possible.
  • Taking a creative approach to the writing of introductions and conclusions.
  • Using strategies for writing lengthy texts and creating thesis statements.

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Conditions of Admission for the Free Essay Writing Course at UC Berkeley

  • There are no national limitations. Enrollment in this course is open to people from all around the world.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity if you wish to improve your writing, particularly academic writing.
  • To take part in this online course on essay writing, you must be fluent in the English language.
  • Additionally, candidates ought to be eager to learn and really interested in honing their essay-writing abilities.
  • It is also necessary to have the basic technological necessities for participating in the online course, such as a computer and internet access.

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The advantages of the online essay-writing course include:

  • There are no requirements or knowledge requirements.
  • Students can study and learn at their own pace in the How to Write an Essay course because it is self-paced. They will be able to modify the courses to match their schedule as a result.
  • With regard to language, structure, and style, participants acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills in essay writing that they may use in a variety of academic and professional settings.
  • A top-notch education is guaranteed when one has access to guidance from a renowned university like UC Berkeley.
  • Students who take this free online course leave with strong writing abilities that are important for individuals who want to pursue graduate school or academic professions.

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How To Submit An Application 

Follow the link to apply for the writing techniques online course.


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