Make Money Online with Your Android or IOS Device: Free & Available Worldwide

Make Money Online with Your Android or IOS Device: Free & Available Worldwide

Making money by just watching a 30-second advertisement on your phone from anywhere across the globe free of charge sounds like another one of those too-good-to-be-true deals, right? Well, you know what? I also had doubts when I encountered this way of making money. But being a digital saint, I decided to dive into this … Read more

McKinsey Forward Programme 2023 | No-Cost Online Initiative

Do you find it difficult and worry about your future? The Mckinsey Forward Programme is here to save the day, so don’t worry! The McKinsey Forward Learning Programme is a free five-month learning initiative designed to give young people with talent the necessary real-world skills to succeed in the workforce. Three learning levels make up … Read more

Free online IELTS practice tests 2023

IELTS practice tests

For students who wish to relocate abroad and take advantage of international opportunities, the British Council offers a free online IELTS practice tests. By preparing the mock exam in the same manner as an academic exam administered by the British Council, the programme aims to meet the demands of students. The British Council provides a … Read more

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd University Scholarship 2024

The Saudi Arabian King Fahd University Scholarship 2024 is currently accepting applications. Scholarships to study master’s and doctoral programmes at one of the top universities are fully financed by the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia for both native and foreign students. Applications for this fully financed fellowship in Saudi Arabia … Read more

University of Bristol 2024 Think Big Scholarships

University of Bristol

Think Big Scholarships are available from the University of Bristol to help international students further their studies in the UK. Applications for the academic year 2024 are now being accepted. The University of Bristol offers Think Big grants to overseas students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programmes. In order to pursue a master’s degree, students … Read more

American Obama Foundation Scholars Programme 2024

The Obama Foundation Scholars Programme for 2024–2025 is now accepting applications. For overseas students, the USA offers a fully supported scholar programme called International Scholars. For young leaders who are driven to change the world, the Obama Foundation Scholars Programme in the United States is a great fit. You will advance to the next level … Read more

Deformed Steel bars: Definition and types

Deformed steel bars, also known as reinforcing bars or rebars, are a critical component in concrete construction. They have surface deformations in the form of ribs, lugs, or indentations to enhance their bonding with concrete. These deformations improve the mechanical properties and performance of reinforced concrete structures. Types: Hot-Rolled Deformed Bars (HRB): These bars also … Read more

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer: Definition and Characteristics

Fiber-reinforced polymer

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar is a relatively new and innovative type of reinforcing material used in concrete construction. it is usually termed as composite materials. FRP materials exhibit anisotropic properties, with high tensile strength only in the direction of the reinforcing fibers. This anisotropic behavior impacts the shear strength, dowel action, and bond performance of … Read more

Epoxy-Coated Rebar: Definition and characteristics

epoxy-coated rebar

Epoxy-coated rebars are a type of reinforcement bar that has been treated with an epoxy coating to improve its durability and resistance to corrosion. This coating is applied to the surface of the rebar using a process called fusion bonding, which involves heating the rebar to a high temperature and then applying the epoxy coating … Read more