Free Online Courses at the University of New Mexico

Students who would like to enroll in a free online course can do so at the University of New Mexico.  International business is the focus of the program that the university offers. It’s a simple approach to arm oneself with knowledge in areas like trade, worldwide marketing, environmental economics, and many more.

The Sections:

  • What is the globalisation process?
  • Is the World Getting Globalised?
  • What effect do social and political institutions have on the development of the national economy?
  • What function does culture serve?
  • What Benefits Do Trades Offer?
  • Which is better, managed trade or free trade?


  • Enrollment is open to everyone, even though the course is intended for those who have been sent to learn about business strategy.
  • It is not strictly necessary to have studied the course material beforehand.
    You have to commit to studying for the course for two (2) hours every week.
    Please be aware that having a reliable internet connection and a high-quality study tool is essential.
  • You must successfully finish all modules and pass all required tests and assignments in order to be eligible for a certificate.


  • Students can schedule and plan when they wish to take a course because it is entirely self-paced.
  • The application is free of cost.
    Six quizzes will be available to you.
  • After finishing successfully, there’s a chance you’ll receive a shareable certificate.
  • A well-known professor from the relevant university teaches the course.
  • Key topics in international business, including market entry tactics, globalisation, commerce, and cultural issues, will be covered for applicants. so providing pupils with a thorough understanding of the subject.

How To Enroll Unto The Course At University of New Mexico 


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