2024 United Nations Online Volunteer Program

The goal of the United Nations Online Volunteer Programme is to identify and assign talented young people from around the globe to projects that promote sustainable development and peace. Every person participating in this programme is given equal opportunity to shine and accomplish something worthwhile with their lives. Following the global pandemic, young people from many countries volunteered online through the UN to help us combat the consequences of COVID-19. Through this program, almost 12,000 volunteers have registered, with 60% of them coming from developing nations.

The following are the requirements to be eligible for the UN Online Volunteer Programme:

  • The UN online volunteer programme is available to all people, both domestic and foreign.
  • Any age range is eligible to apply.
    No limitations based on gender or academic standing.
  • Partners including the United Nations, governmental and public institutions, and civil society organizations (CSOs) are eligible to participate in this online volunteering program.
  • The project can be chosen by young people based on their areas of skill and educational background.

Benefits of the UN Volunteer Program:

  • There isn’t a service or application cost.
    functioning in an online capacity.
  • There is no need to travel in order to finish the specified tasks.
  • Through this program, volunteers get to interact with and work for globally recognized organizations, giving them the ability to potentially have those r recognize your work.
  • There are various volunteer opportunities accessible, allowing one to select based on their interests.



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