AACR Research Training Fellowships 2024

A unique chance for academic clinicians to get industry-academic clinical training with a focus on drug discovery is provided by the AACR Research Training Fellowships. These fellowships in the United States are intended to support hands-on training at the American Association for Cancer Research’s facilities, which are partners in the pharmaceutical sector. A stipend of $100,000 is awarded to each AACR fellow who is accepted. This significant amount allows the fellow to focus entirely on the training programme and support their research and training activities for a full year. This stipend pays for living expenses as well as other training-related fees, freeing them up to concentrate solely on learning new things. A great research programme for medical students to study in the United States is the AACR Clinical Oncology Research (CORE) Training Fellowships.

Qualifications for 2024 AACR Research Training Fellowships:

At the start of the grant period, applicants need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Applicants must not be pursuing another doctorate degree at this time and hold a medical degree (such as an MD, DO, or MD/PhD) in a relevant discipline.
  • Be enrolled in a recognised fellowship programme in oncology or haematology at a US academic, medical, or research institution.
  • Not work for or have any affiliation with a for-profit private company or US government agency.
  • Furthermore, this funding is not available to clinical fellows applying from US government laboratories (NIH, CDC, FDA).
  • If the candidate is not a citizen of the United States, they must confirm that their visa status allows them to work with the industry partner on-site during the fellowship while maintaining their job at the host institution.
  • Every candidate needs to be an AACR member. If a non-member would like to apply for this grant, they must submit a valid AACR membership application by the deadline.

The Benefits of USA AACR Research Training Fellowships:

  • A huge stipend of $100,000 is awarded to fellows for the course of the programme, which lasts one year. They can concentrate fully on their training and research without having to worry about money thanks to this financial help.
  • In addition to the grant money, applicants may additionally receive a restricted stipend of $7,500 to help with the fellow’s transportation costs to and from the industry location.
  • An opportunity to have hands-on experience in clinical research, drug development, and clinical trial design.

Required Documents 

  • Curriculum vitae/CV
  • Letter(s) of Reference
  • Personal statement (2 pages)
  • Academic Mentor’s Biographical Sketch
  • Applicants’ biographical sketch
  • Completed Application Form

How to Apply

Apply here

Deadline: 31st May, 2024

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