Make Money answering Science and Math questions online

Do you have a strong interest in STEM fields like math and science? Are you good at breaking down difficult ideas into understandable language? If so, you’re at the right location. I will be showing three (3) websites where you can make money answering science and math questions online. A lot of people have great potential but do not know how to utilize it to their advantage. For that, we’ll cover everything from the advantages of online teaching to offering tips and strategies for increasing your income. Begin this journey with me as we explore the benefits and potential of teaching others while earning money for your science and math abilities.


The first website is called Tutorbin. You will offer potential learners personalized or deadline-based academic support. This one pays once a week for the approved responses you provide. This is a chance if you’re a decent math student looking for a side gig you can excel at. This is because you can solve a math problem and get paid $15 for your solution. There are other subjects outside of math. You can provide overall academic assistance, but you will need to be knowledgeable in the particular field in which you choose to answer questions and make money.

To get started, go to the website, register, demonstrate your knowledge, and begin answering questions to earn money. If you can answer 40 questions, which is probably one question on a weekday and two or three on a weekend, you’ll be able to earn $600 in a month. Note that you will be charged for your answers. So, if you charge about $15 to respond to each question on this website, $600 will be in your wallet in no time. I must point out that this is not you going out there and just responding to questions out of the blue. The website is structured in such a way that you have visitors who are looking for experts to respond, so you’re not going to have to go looking for customers.

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The next website on our list that we pay you to respond to questions on is Here you can respond to questions on academic subjects related to the one I previously presented. Your pay will range from $2 to $500 per question, and it will be made through PayPal. There will be easy questions on this platform now that will earn you $2 or even $5. However, you can be asked to produce an essay for $50 to $500 to answer the questions addressed by the academic questions you would be answering on this platform.

To get started, you’re going to create an account and start browsing the different questions and responding to them on the platform. To make $600 per month, assuming that kind of workload exists on the platform, you will only need to respond to 12 questions for that month, assuming the questions will pay you $50, or the essay or whatever it is that you’re doing to respond will pay you about $50 per unit. 12 responses per month works out to about one essay in 5 days. Note that some of these essays aren’t that easy, so you have to take your time.

For example, if a student wants a scholarship to one of the top colleges in America, he/she will have to write an essay to explain why the individual should be granted that scholarship. Something like this can come up. So you have to be very meticulous about it. As advice, you always have to tackle the questions that you feel comfortable answering; otherwise, they won’t be approved.


The final website is called Here, you will offer math tutoring services. The reason is that a lot of people aren’t naturally very good at it. Thus, you have an extensive number of options to solve arithmetic problems and earn money online. You have the potential to make up to $13 per hour, and payments can be made via PayPal or direct transfer. For instance, you can earn $13 teaching algebra to a student for an hour. $13 is a substantial sum of money, particularly in a developing country like Ghana.

As a side gig, it can build up quickly because, at $13 per hour, you’d need to work about 50 hours in a month to make $650. You do have to pass a subject test related to the topic you will be sharing your knowledge on to begin. After that, you can start tutoring by giving information and answering queries from students who need assistance with various topics or who are having trouble with math or science.

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Many platforms exist that allow you to get in touch with students who are looking for help in fields related to STEM, whether you’re an experienced teacher, a student, or a passionate enthusiast. You may positively impact others’ learning experiences and get paid for your insightful advice by utilising your expertise as well as your excitement for science and maths. Thus, why wait? Enter this exciting world and explore the rewarding career that combines teaching, learning, and earning.

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