How to get money to fund your travel Abroad

I want to be clear before we get into the specifics of this article because I am not in the business of supporting handouts or promoting reliance on others. Rather, I think self-sufficiency and intelligent, hard labour are important for everyone to be successful. In certain exceptional circumstances, people may find themselves in financial difficulties and require financial assistance to get out of it.

I’m also of the belief that if you can figure out a way to use people’s money legitimately to make money and better yourself. I’m all for it and this is why I decided to write this article to show you places where you can get free money to fund or travel out of your country.

For example, many people here in Ghana want to travel abroad either to the UK, Canada or USA to seek greener pastures but lack the needed capital to see this dream come true. If you’re like that, then this is for you. This is an opportunity to get that funds you need to get to your dream country.

So this website has rich or kind people who literally give away free money with absolutely no strings attached. The website is called

Fund my travel is an online platform that enables individuals to create campaigns to raise funds for either domestic or international travel expenses. whether it’s for leisure, work , for study , for volunteering abroad or family emergencies, fund my travel can help you cover all the travel costs that you would potentially incur and it is clear looking at their website that a lot of people are having success doing this. So  Simply visit the website, create a personal page and describe honestly your financial situation.

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  • Create your campaign first, share your narrative, and attract people to join you on your journey! Make sure to finish your campaign by adding pictures and videos so that potential donors will know that your ambition is real and you’re not trying to catfish them. Also connect your payment processor to the campaign.
  • Secondly, Spread the Word to the public by Taking advantage of the built-in email and social media buttons to quickly and easily share your campaign. Getting the word out about your campaign is crucial to increasing donations because funding it cannot happen without it!
  • Finally, Donations will automatically be sent to your account. You can also use your FundMyTravel page to track your offline support.

NB: To maintain the website and enable technical and customer support, FundMyTravel retains 5% of all donations. creates a sense of community by bringing people from all backgrounds together around a common goal of travel and adventure.

In a world where dreams frequently run into financial difficulties, shines as a ray of hope, rewriting the story and demonstrating that obstacles to fulfilling our wanderlust can be conquered with a group spirit of kindness, generosity, and a shared love of travel. Aspirations take off with this platform, one journey at a time, uniting hearts and locations throughout the world.

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