Leica Street Photo Competition 2024

Good news for everyone who wants to take street photos! The 13th round of the Leica Street Photo Contest 2024 is currently underway. All global street photography aficionados are invited to participate in this worldwide photography competition. For photographers who want to capture the rhythm of pivotal moments and find inspiration while traversing metropolitan streets, the Leica Street Photography Competition is a great chance. In addition to recognising some of the top international photographers who enter the competition, this 2024 photography competition honours the craft of street photography. From seasoned pros to up-and-coming artists, the Leica Photo Contest draws a wide range of talent who are all passionate about capturing the genuineness and energy of street life. Thus, photographers have the chance to display their skills in this competition. If you consider yourself a street photographer, you must read till the end and participate in the Leica Contest.

Eligibility for the 2024 Leica Street Photo Contest:

  • Everyone can enter the Leica Street Photo Contest; however, staff of the organiser are not eligible.
  • A maximum of five images may be submitted by each participant.
  • All styles of photography are welcome, but street photography should be the main focus.
  • Originality and artistic calibre are the main evaluating factors.
  • Additionally, entries with collages, substantial colour adjustments, photo element removal, or images created with neural network-based generators will be disqualified.
  • JPG files only, with a maximum resolution of 2000 pixels on the long side, should be provided for photos.
  • If they advance to the final, winners must provide digital data in the best possible quality for 50cm-by-50cm quality printing.
  • The images that are submitted had to have been shot between January 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023.

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Advantages of 2024’s Leica Photography Competition:

  • Depending on the jury’s decision, photographers who place first in the Leica Street Photography Contest could earn a Leica Q3 camera.
  • The competition gives foreign photographers a chance to exhibit their skills to a worldwide audience and receive recognition for their work on a global scale.
  • Additionally, finalists will have the opportunity to see their artwork on display at esteemed locations such as the Leica Gallery Vienna and other Leica-affiliated galleries. Consequently, this raises their profile in the photography community.


Official website 

Apply Here

Deadline: 8th January, 2024

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