Earn up to $8 a day Commenting on Social Media

For a long time, I thought commenting was just a space for viewers to express their opinions. But then, after posting on YouTube for a while, I realized that comments actively contribute to a video’s engagement, affecting its visibility and ranking. High-quality, engaging comments can actually elevate a video’s status, making it more likely to be recommended by the YouTube algorithm. Now that you have a better understanding of the role comments play, you’re going to understand this procedure easily because this is going to influence the kind of comments that you make to earn up to $8 a day by commenting on social media.

Step-by-step procedure

Step one: create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one.

Step two: develop your commenting strategy.

This is critical. Developing your commenting strategy is going to help you deploy and potentially earn $8 a day.

First, you need to identify the product category you want to target. focused on topics in categories that interest you and that have a dedicated and loyal audience. Make sure that this category has high engagement and that the potential for monetization is ideal.

Another thing to consider with your strategy is crafting engaging comments. Your comments definitely need to add value when deploying this strategy. Be genuine and ask relevant questions. You can even use humor to lighten the mood and drive engagement. It’s very important that you avoid spam-like behavior at all costs.

The last factor to consider with your strategy is to capitalize on trends. Stay updated on trending topics on YouTube and be among the first to comment on these videos, because this will ensure that your comment will be seen by a much larger audience. Commenting first on YouTube channels with large audiences can increase your channel’s subscribers significantly.

Step three: monetizing your comments.

Now there are three ways that we’re going to talk about in this article that you can monetize posting comments on videos on YouTube.

First is what’s referred to as ad revenue sharing, and this assumes that you become a top commenter and are able to share in an ad revenue generator from videos where you comment by driving significant engagement and partnering up in some way with the content creator. This method isn’t that easy to use because it requires more than a year’s commitment and consistency.

The second method is through affiliate marketing. With this approach, you can use affiliate links while commenting on your own videos or on other content creators’ videos and sharing affiliate links. This needs to be tastefully done, and you need to be very transparent. Don’t try to be deceptive in your approach; don’t, and don’t worry. I’ll be giving you examples in this article. Now, the affiliate marketing method to monetize is one that I have tried extensively.

The third method to monetize commenting on videos is through sponsored comments. Brands actually pay for comments that mention or promote their products in a discrete manner, especially if you have a large audience and very high engagement. You can comment on behalf of a brand and get your subscribers to execute on a particular action. If it’s on your personal channel or on other content creator channels, you can talk about a particular brand there, and their viewers will show interest and act accordingly. Again, this method is for people with high engagement on their channels. So, let’s exploit the second method. With that, even new YouTubers can execute.

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Getting into Action

You have a good understanding of the three steps above to monetize comments on YouTube videos.

After creating your YouTube channels, go to Amazon Sign-In and create an account with them. Amazon has what’s referred to as a cookie, and this allows Amazon Affiliates. Whenever you share a link and someone clicks on it to purchase an item online, you’re going to benefit from everything that person buys for the next 24 hours on Amazon.

Here are some comments that I would make as an example: If the creator was talking about starting a YouTube channel, I would write a thoughtful comment that was not spammy and that sounds like this:

‘Great video; thanks for sharing. This is the best camera to get started on YouTube. It is beginner-friendly and affordable, and creators like “Input the name of the YouTube channel” use this camera for their videos with very high quality.

Of course, when I mention the camera, I will put my Amazon associate link right there. In some instances, you can also look through the comments to see what people are saying and see if you can recommend a product by commenting with an affiliate link.

If you’re commenting on a video on a content creator’s channel where they’re talking about starting a YouTube channel, you can make several comments there sharing the affiliate link for cameras, microphones, external hard drives, SD drives, extra batteries for the camera, and camera adapters. Basically, everything that you would need to start a YouTube channel. Targeted content creators that have 100,000 subscribers or more and also have good engagement on their channel.

But don’t stop there. You can also promote specific brands while commenting on different videos. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I’ll be teaching all that in my next article. I will teach you how to participate in a lot of different affiliate marketing programs and also how to have access to refer and, as such, earn commissions from many brands out there.

You can also just Google the brand or the website and put affiliate marketing beside your Google search, and you’ll get affiliate programs that you can sign up for. Some of them aren’t available globally, but Amazon is.

Now the brands that I’ll be promoting in these comments include invido AI, and this is the new tool that I shared in this video, and I’m going to put all these links in the description in the event that you want to promote them as well.

A brand I’ve been promoting is Invideo AI. I like InVideo because their commission is usually about 25% of the revenue, or what the person pays to subscribe.

Canva is another brand and platform that I decided to promote in these comments, and they pay 20% in revenue share. Canva can pay up to $36 for each new Canva Pro subscriber that signs up with your referral link. But note that this depends on your affiliate level. With Canva, you can Target content creators who speak about how to make money with a YouTube channel and also those who speak about making money online with Drop shipping or just selling products in general. 

Example: If a content creator did a video about how to create a faceless YouTube channel in the comments, I would make a statement that sounds like this:

“Great video. This is an amazing tool to create faceless YouTube videos like a pro. You will not need a script or find stock images or photos, and you will get a professional voice. It will take you 5 minutes or less to create the video. Here is the link to explore this AI tool.”

Of course, you should insert the link in the comment every time. If someone watching that video sees your comment and clicks on that link, as long as they procure the invidio AI service, you’re going to make a tidy commission, and here’s the great thing about a lot of these platforms where you pay a monthly subscription. Every single time that a person pays their subscription month after month in perpetuity or year after year, you’re going to keep earning as long as they are paying. 

You can also use ChatGPT to aid you in your commenting strategies. But note that you’ll have to edit what the AI gives you a little bit for it to be organic.

I only tested this for about a week, for a few minutes each day. I did not make $8 on any of the days that I did this, but, like I said, I did it for minutes. I do know that $8 is possible. You can share comments on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and include the affiliate links based on what the content creators are talking about, which would result in a higher conversion rate and potentially more money.

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What do you have to lose? It’s free, and it’s easy as long as you approach it professionally. You should not violate any policies or terms. especially, I do not come across spammy. The amount of time that you’re going to dedicate to this endeavor will show how much money you will make.

That being said, I would really appreciate it if you shared your thoughts on this article. Thank you!

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