IDEX Master’s Scholarship in France

The France IDEX Master’s Scholarship is a fantastic way for deserving students to get free study abroad experience. International students have the chance to enrol in the top French university, Université Paris-Saclay, through the IDEX master’s scholarship. According to the World Ranking of Universities, Paris Saclay University is a public university that is placed thirteenth. It is the ninth-ranked institution in the world for physics and the top university in mathematics worldwide. The goal of this master’s programme in Europe is to identify deserving applicants who want to pursue doctoral-level research and projects. Renowned worldwide, Paris-Saclay University is known for its outstanding research and the dedication of its faculty.

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Qualifications for the 2024 IDEX Master’s Scholarship Programme:

  • Students who are currently in receipt of another grant or scholarship are not eligible.
  • A three-year gap in education prevents applicants from applying.
    Candidates have to be master’s degree holders.
  • No applicant may have previously attended a French higher education institution.
    On the other hand, international students who have been enrolled in French-language universities overseas are eligible to apply.
  • International students must have spent less than a year living in France if they are already there for an internship or training programme.
  • Additionally, students cannot already be enrolled in a course that leads to certification.
  • At the time of acceptance, students must be fresh to France and no older than thirty years old.

Advantages of France 2024’s IDEX Master’s Scholarship:

  • Under this Paris-Saclay University Scholarship programme, students will earn an annual stipend of €10,000.
  • Additionally, applicants may get a travel stipend of up to 1,000 euros, which covers the cost of the visa.
  • The candidate’s home country determines the travel allowance.
  • Upon arrival in France, applicants will receive their travel allowance in addition to their entire scholarship.
  • Candidates will have the opportunity to attend the most recognised university in France.

How to Apply

Apply here 

Deadline: 3rd May, 2024

Duration for Master’s Program 

  • Master’s program: 1 to 2 years

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