Earn Money by Testing Websites and Mobile Apps

Are you someone who is always Addicted to your phone or tablet? If so, I’m going to show you in this article how you can take user tests on any device—phones, tablets, desktops—whatever you prefer and then make money as well. It is unnecessary to buy so much data and then make no profits out of it.

The platform I’m talking about is called enroll. It  is a platform that is not a survey website which will allow you to make money online. Enroll is a website where users can sign up to become testers for various websites and mobile apps as a tester. you will be asked to complete various tasks to including navigating through websites, testing out featured apps and providing feedback on digital products. the amount of money that you’ll be able to earn through enroll may vary depending on the number of testing opportunities that are available. Of course the complexity of each task you do will determine your income. however it’s a really good way to earn extra money on the side while also providing feedback to companies that are looking to improve their products and their offerings. this platform also offers a referral program where you can actually earn extra money by inviting your friends to join the platform and earn. Note that this platform is free to use.

HOW TO SETUP To Start Earning with Websites and Mobile Apps 

  • First you’ll have to sign up with an email address and a password only.
  • Like any relationship, we need to gain each other’s trust! So you’ll be asked to Sign your name to prove you’re the real deal.
  • After that, a challenge will be given to you to perform. The challenge is to get you to create a PayPal account or to to provide the details of your PayPal account. It is to make sure that you get paid. Interesting right?
  • Languages spoken will be asked.
  • Then your nationality will be asked as well with your phone number. Make sure with all these steps, you provide accurate information.
  • You’ll be asked to provide your country of residence.
  • You educational level and job title will also be asked. They basically want to know everything about you.
  • Note that: tests aren’t always available on the website. But whenever a company needs people for testing, you’ll be instantly notified.
  • So at the initial stages, you’ll just have to answer a few polls.

“Mission 1: Earth! This is the beginning of your adventure through Enroll. Take tests, answer Enroll Polls, and be an active Enroll user to earn badges and advance to the next mission, launching you into space.”

The mission above will be the first mission you’ll have to embark on.

In conclusion, Enroll provides consumers with a fun way to get paid for testing apps and websites. It’s crucial to remember that app test alerts might not always be accessible, so users need to be vigilant and keep an eye out on their dashboards for any testing possibilities. Users may maximise their earnings and get the most out of their Enrol experience by being responsive and active. Happy learning and testing!

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