Earn $200 a month listening to music

In article, I’m going to show you two ways in which you can listen to music and earn up to $200 as well. This method is verified and is available worldwide irrespective of your country. Music has become part of our lives, and we listen to them day in and day out. So, if you can do something you do always and earn money as well, I see it to be fair. So, this is how it works. let’s say an artist wants to promote his/her music, he/she will reach out to some of these apps and website and say please promote my music or promote my podcast. He/she will pay the website and the application will in return pay people like you and I to listen to their music or podcast. at the end of the day, everybody stays happy. I get money, you get money.

First Method

First way to make this money listening to music is through an app on an iPhone. It is called current rewards. If you are using an Android, it is called mode earn app. It is the exact same company and same concept just different names on different devices.

let’s get into how it actually works. With current rewards you are able to make money a variety of different ways such as playing games, sharing your opinions, doing micro test and of course by listening to music and that’s the one we’re actually focusing on in this article.

You can listen to over 100,000 different radio stations on this platform, and these are not from young talents musicians. The catch is that the more music you listen to, the more points you accumulate. You can then use those points to purchase physical goods like smart watches, headphones, and a ton of other stuff, or you can use them to earn PayPal gift cards.

So, after you download the app, you first have to activate the rewards so that you can start getting paid. To do that, you have to invite three different friends. So, you can invite friends, or you can pick some inactive numbers that you’re not using for the invite.

Once you do that, you will automatically be given some simple tasks to start doing to earn some large amounts of points such as completing your profile and by verifying your email address. If you add your name, they’ll give you points. if you add your address there will be more points.

From there you just go to the music tab, and you search for a station that you like to listen to. Each song that you listen to you’ll start accumulating points and you also get extra rewards for listening for long periods.

So just sit down with your phone, turn the music on and start earning. You can even let it play in the background while working.

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Second method

  • First, go to mixkit.com. On this website, you’ll find a bunch of free assets that you’ll be able to listen to and make money from.
  • Click on the genre tab and choose the genre of music you want to make money with. There are many different genres that you can choose from. As an example, they have funk, jazz, classical, country, hip pop, etc. You can make money with all these but note that hip pop and acoustic genres work best with this method.
  • Go through and listen to the music, see which ones we like, and download them to your phone or the device you’re using.
  • After your downloads, go to a website called up-4ever. This is the actual website that we will be getting paid from.
  • We’re going to upload those files that we downloaded onto this website. Every time someone downloads the music files from this site, you’ll get paid.
  • The picture above shows the amount of money to be earned from people downloading your music files. It varies depending on the country the listener is downloading from.
Prices for making money in various countries.
  • Also, their prices are raised when there is a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Now click on Sign Up to create an account. It is very easy. They ask for some basic information, like your username, email, and password.
  • Once you are logged in, click on the payment information tab to set up your payment structure. They have a variety of different ways that you can get paid.
  • Once everything is set up, click on upload files on the left to start uploading the music files you’ve downloaded earlier.
  • In the description, add the song name and the name of the artist. If the audio you downloaded doesn’t have an artist. Don’t add it to it. After that, select public so that anyone can see it. After that, upload it.
  • After successfully uploading your song, go to Facebook and join music groups. When you’re accepted into those groups, you can share the music there for people to listen to.
  • NB: The more people listen to your audios, the more money you will earn. So then, you can also share it on your WhatsApp status for your friends and family to also listen.

Let’s sum up by saying that the digital age has created never-before-seen opportunities, and earning money online while listening to music is proof of this. A fulfilling online endeavor can be created out of your passion for music, whether you’re a music enthusiast looking to make some extra money or looking for a new side job. Check out these options. Thus, turn on your headphones, play your top songs, and allow the melodies to lead you to an additional source of income.

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