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Do you want to go to school in Europe? Studying in Luxembourg, one of Europe’s finest study destinations, is made possible by the University of Luxembourg Scholarships 2024. International master’s and bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible for these scholarships. These scholarships are available from the University of Luxembourg in 2024, making education in Europe quite affordable. The primary goal of the Luxembourg Scholarships is to assist students in realising their goals of pursuing higher education in Europe. The University of Luxembourg offers a variety of scholarships as part of its scholarship programmes to draw in both undergraduate and graduate students, and this award for overseas students is a great chance. Students can easily study in Luxembourg in 2024 with the University of Luxembourg Scholarships, which are available for a variety of areas. Thus, if these bachelor’s and master’s scholarships appeal to you, be sure to read through to the the end.

Qualifications for 2024 University of Luxembourg Scholarships

  • Different scholarships have various requirements for eligibility.
  • Both bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates are eligible for the Léa Sinner programme and the Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship.

International Master’s Scholarship Guillaume Dupaix:

  • The Luxembourg Ministries of Research and Higher Education as well as Foreign and European Affairs provide funding for the Master’s Scholarship.
  • It draws bright international students to the University of Luxembourg’s Master’s programmes.
  • International applicants for master’s degree programmes from both EU and non-EU nations are eligible for the European scholarship.
  • All applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement during their undergraduate years.
  • Candidates have to pledge to attend classes full-time.

The Léa Sinner Scholarship

  • Citizens of the European Union (EU) residing in Luxembourg are eligible to apply to the University of Luxembourg to pursue bachelor’s or master’s degrees.
  • Youth from low-income families in Luxembourg can receive assistance from the Léa Sinner Foundation.
  • Applicants must have a secondary school diploma or its equivalent in order to be eligible for the award.
  • Similar to this, each student has to pledge to continue their education at the University of Luxembourg through the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Benefits of the Luxembourg Scholarships in 2024:

  • The scholarships by the University of Luxembourg offer big financial support and benefits to all accepted students.
  • The Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship offers a yearly stipend that amounts to €10,000.
  • This scholarship is divided into two portions. One part is allocated for student housing, and the remaining portion is paid in installments at the start of each semester.
  • The maximum allowance for housing is EUR 650 per month for a maximum duration of two years.
  • The Léa Sinner Scholarship has an amount of 30.000€ per year, which will be divided among up to 6 candidates.

Required Documents 

Guillaume Dupaix International Master’s Scholarship:

  • Personal Statement
  • Recommendation letters (2)

For Léa Sinner Program:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Copy of transcripts, diplomas, certificates
  • Copy of tax income declaration of previous year
  • Certificate of registration at the University of Luxembourg




Deadline: 29th March, 2024.

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