Fully funded scholarships from King Abdulaziz University

The Saudi Arabian scholarship offered by The Viral Gist is fully sponsored. The King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2024 application process is currently open. There are no restrictions on applicants’ nationality or gender for the fully-funded international scholarship. King Abdulaziz University offers scholarships for international students to enrol in undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programmes. For the whole length of the applicable programme, Saudi Arabia offers fully financed scholarships to foreign students. The King Abdulaziz University scholarship programme also doesn’t charge a fee for applications.

King Abdulaziz University’s scholarships have the following advantages:

  • The King Abdulaziz scholarship in Saudi Arabia picks up new overseas students at the Jeddah airport.
  • Tickets for a return flight for international students.
  • Additionally, students will receive a prize of arrival allowance.
  • For PhD and master’s applicants, the fully funded Saudi grant also includes a thesis printing allowance.
  • The scholarship also includes a delivery allowance for books for each scholar.
    Additionally, students will receive subsidised food.
  • Additionally, dorm accommodations are included with the scholarship.
  • Health care for all accomplished students, as well as their families.
  • Additionally, students will receive money for preparation.
  • If necessary, the university students would receive financial aid and emergency subsidies.
  • A modest monthly payment will also be given to the students.

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eligibility requirements for the King Abdulaziz University Scholarship:

Candidates must have a strong academic history.
International students are required.
must have received a diploma from a secondary school no more than three years ago.
For a scholarship for an undergraduate programme, international students must be between the ages of 17 and 25.
For the master’s and doctoral programmes, candidates must be younger than 30.
They must be morally upright and physically well.
The requirements for admission must also be met.
The conditions of the programme an applicant is applying for must be met.
Finally, candidates for the Arabic language programme, Islamic law programme, psychology programme, and sociology programme must be skilled in Arabic.

Scholarship duration in Saudi Arabia:

Bachelor’s program: 4 years

Master’s program: 2 years

PhD program: 3 years




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